Vicuna Alpaca Research


The Alpaca Vicuna Registry will perform continuous research into the care, nutrition, breeding and fiber qualities of the Pacuna®. Currently there is research going on in the South American Countries where the Vicuna is native. These countries are trying very hard to create a sustainable use industry with the existing Vicuna. One of the goals for these countries is to provide income to the indigenous human population upon whose land the Vicunas inhabit. In the past these animals were rounded up annually in what is called the Chaku. This process is being reinstated in some areas but the question remains of how much damage is being done to these wild animals in the form of extreme stress.

The VARRA will have ongoing projects to determine the effects of stress on these animals through regular health checks, pregnancy exams, herd management within fenced boundaries, and nutritional supplementation. By comparing the effects of these parameters on those already established in pure alpaca herds we will better understand the needs of the Vicuna which will lead to the successful sustainable use concept both in the United States and South America.

Most importantly the VARRA will be performing research on the fiber quality of Vicuna hybrids.