Vicuna Alpaca Registry

The VAR will be the guiding force in the breeding and protection of the Pacuna® in the United States. VAR will keep detailed DNA, photo and fiber identification of each Pacuna® registered in this country to help protect this developing industry. In addition, the VAR will pool, process and market the fiber produced from all of the animals in the registry. By controlling all aspects of the fiber production to the end product will enable the industry to "brand" the finest fiber produced in the United States, thus maintaining economic stability in the animals themselves.

The Following is a basic outline of the rules and regulations required to register any animal in the Vicuna Alpaca Registry (VAR):

      1. Any animal registered must be at least one-quarter Vicuna.

      2. All Vicuna percentages will be determined through DNA blood testing.


      3. VAR will maintain on location identification of each animal in the registry and such           identification will include four digital photos (front, back and each side shot), DNA           blood typing and a fiber sample.

      4. Imports will be allowed into the registry for a limited time.

      5. All harvested fiber from all registered Pacunas® will be pooled and processed and           crafted into articles of clothing by the VARRA. Such articles of clothing may be offered           for sale or simply displayed. Proceeds of the sale of such articles will be used for           further promotion of the Pacuna® in the United States and fund research on the           Pacuna®. Excess funds will be evenly distributed to all registrants on an equal basis           in the form of dividends.

As you can see this new registry will be exciting and fun. The fiber from the Pacuna® is the finest raised in the United States and the beautiful products that can be crafted from it will be awe inspiring and will definitely become collectors items due to rarity and uniqueness.